19 July 2011

An Elephant Never Forgets

No one ever told me that the last quarter of the first year of grad school is hell.  Entirely fulfilling, yes, but a wickedly draining time.  In short, it has taken me two months to decompress.  Since school was also out for everyone else, I have not been subbing.  So I fell into the rabbit hole of the couch cushions, SKIMMING over online research, Facebooking, wishlisting item after item on sites like Modcloth and Ruche, all while watching Ghost Whisperer reruns. (The latter of these has been informing my research, both on my thesis and on my wish-lists.)

In the best and latest of news, I met with my first reader on the initial portion of my thesis. He basically confirmed my greatest fears about my writing---that I must be both lawyer and defendant and THUS REALLY LEARN MY CRAFT.  Not just wing it and sing it.  Ok, this might be my interpretation of what he was really saying, but I get that creeping fraudulent feeling far too frequently (say that five times fast).

In other fun news:

Normally, I don't buy AND wear an outfit right off the mannequin/model, but I really couldn't help it with this blouse and skirt from the Bar III brand at Macy's:

The top is actually more of a long tunic and is patterned with tiny orange elephants.  The skirt is much shorter on the model and actually runs a bit big.  Of course, she is probably 5'11 and the ensemble is most likely clothes-pinned around her waist, but I still LOVED this outfit and am pleased with my parings (third-ings? fourth-ings?) of nude peep-toe wedges,  obligatory old cardigan (to hide that rascally tattoo), rose earrings, and Alice In Wonderland necklace.

Who do you think wore it best?


Ok, just kidding. 
You really don't have to answer that.

P.S.  Sorry for the grimy camera-phone pic in a dirty mirror, but I was in a rush to snag a quick photo.

P.P.S.  It is a magical coincidence that I slightly resemble the model.   Otherwise I should be deeply flattered.

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