31 March 2011

Spring Break and Super-Femme Frills

Of course, I *would* let an entire month fly by and not post until the final hours on the final day of the month.  This month has been a whirlwind what with the last few weeks of a hectic quarter, and the incredible and disastrous events of the world at large.  Japan and Libya have both been on my mind as well as those around me and it seems many of us can think of nothing else. Morale everywhere has been so low--everyone feels so strong an empathy and wishes there was more we can do individually.

In fact, I think that is why using my spring break to spring clean has been one of the best distractions yet; it is something that inevitably must be done and requires so little and yet so much attention from otherwise throwing myself back into melancholy.  From our storage shed to our closets to the kids' rooms to our furniture even, it has been pretty much a week-long process.  It's Thursday night and still ongoing--but, it feels SO GOOD.  Minus the part where I spilled a jar of chopped jalapenos all over the kitchen floor.  Here is an artist's rendition:

It hasn't been all work though--I did afford myself some time to play a bit and make this necklace:

I have a few other necklaces started that will hopefully be completed before the upcoming quarter (otherwise they'll sit until summer).  And in a Costco expedition I acquired an awesome movie collection to entertain when I do finally take a jewelry break:

I might also have bought these sexy, yet so mountain-y olive green ankle-high boots:

They're even more awesome in person.  Wearing these make me feel like I'm as awesome as this guy.

Sorry to anyone bored to death by the superfemme post. But what can possibly be better than wearing awesome boots while making jewelry and watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice in a thoroughly scrubbed and organized home?   Nothing.  I dare you to think of something.  See you can't.

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