Yoga Teacher Training


I'm saving a tree and publishing some of the results of 6 months worth of Yoga Teacher Training*** study and homework, plus additional resources I've long since incorporated in my own understanding of Yoga, its lifestyle and philosophy. 

***If you're interested in joining a Teacher Training program to deepen your practice (regardless of whether or not you intend to teach), consider Big Bear Yoga Teacher Training. You can also follow them on Facebook and while you're at it, why not make it out this way for the annual Big Bear Yoga Festival?

Zo Manik's 2013-2014 Big Bear Yoga Teach Training Final Portfolio
Angela Thomson-Brenchley 
Shannan Hansen 
Artist & Yogi, Sarah Farnsworth, Interviews Me!

Kirtan Amazingness!
The Clapping Monkeys

Anatomy of Yoga: Playlists & Blog Posts

Yoga Anatomy Quiz

Yoga for Pain-Free Wrists!

Yoga for Pain-Free Knees!

The Foot as Way of Life 

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