26 January 2013

::Skyward Earth Grand Opening::

Skyward Earth, my online shop where I sell jewelry made by yours truly *thank you thank you*), is running a GRAND OPENING free shipping discount!  Just watch my short vid below and listen out for the coupon code!

Have a gorgeous day, beautiful friends!

19 January 2013

::The Magic of A Little Breath::

Yay!  I've resuscitated my old YouTube channel and a new video is up with me reading Cait Johnson's "Air Prayer" from Earth, Water, Fire Air: Essential Ways of Connecting to Spirit.  While I have always enjoyed this book and the poems, prayers and connections made in it, this poem/prayer-poem has been my go to for the past couple months.  It is a poem of awareness, awakening, and sight. 

What is present and awakening in your life right now?  Share what's on your heart and in your life in the comments below! Love and light to you <3

06 January 2013

::We've Got a Live Mic!::

It is almost exactly A YEAR since my last blog post.

Terrible, terrible! I know!  If there were a Horrible Blogger award I would win it. Shamedly. After being publicly flogged.

After my last post in Jan 2012, I was hit with a barrage of health issues, finalizing a thesis & graduating with my MFA without punching kittens, making big exciting moves toward my career, opening my online shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SkywardEarth  (don't worry, I'll always be a poet!), & stepping slowly out of the broom closet. I'm still working on that balance thing, which is why I have an unfinished manuscript, 2 un-edited manuscripts (one being a collaboration with a fabulous poet who is on top of his game & thus edited his portion & is waiting on me-the-slacker), & several projects & major to-dos to accomplish (& etc & whining & blah blah).

BUT,  I'm (slowly) checking them off, one by one & now I am back here with my mic in hand.  My health is being restored, & as it took so much time/energy away last year from the things I love so much, I have made HEALTH & WELL-BEING my topmost priority in 2013 (no longer just a quiet background to my life).  It's amazing what drinking more water & deep breathing accomplishes.

What are your goals for 2013?  How will you accomplish them?