17 December 2011

December means BREAK! So BRAKE!

Wow, I've been off the blog world for some time!  My first quarter back to university after a long summer break was exhausting!

Though I missed being on here, I spent a lot of my time away writing new pieces for two different manuscripts I'm working on, as well as just the regular student/work routine.

There were plenty of other distractions along the way:

1. A Lykke Li Concert at Fox Theater! AMAZING!

2. The man-candy grew out his facial hair to celebrate Movember.
November was also NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
so to bastardize both month-long celebrations I shaved regularly
AND wrote a poem a day with several of my poetic colleagues.
Nothing bonds people together more than the accountability to creation
and the softness of smooth legs.

3. A new addition to the family! Mordecai!


4.  Don't be fooled by his sweet face--he is a destruction machine.                                           Exhibit A:


                                                  5. SNOW!

 6. A BEAR visiting our house! (My footprint is on the left!)

7. A 4.0 gpa to jumpstart my holiday vacation!

Time to rest and celebrate with a Sam Adams Winter Lager?