27 July 2011

Body Odor & Dirty Hands

For lack of a better photo, I'm attaching the same one as on my Facebook.  Gretchen Jones bangs and sideburns with a Megan Massacre side shave.       Ta-da....

And speaking of Gretchen Jones,  have you seen her Fall/Winter collection?  I'm dying just a little; I love each piece. In particular, I would like to eat this skirt!

Today, my partner and I changed the speedometer in our stepdaughter's car ALL BY OURSELVES.  I just gained some serious man-cred (especially since I forgot the deodorant and smell rather ripe right now).   With the help of a how-to search online,  it was actually very easy, minus snapping in the actual speedometer.  That took FOREVER.  But my skinny hands and B's long fingers eventually conquered that mess.  Ta-da.....

Before:                                                                                                         After:

I think I earned some Sam Adams Summer Ale.  It's too late for deodorant.