29 September 2011

Dear Mssrs. Jack White, Elvis Costello, Beck and members of Phish,

I would like to cordially extend an invitation to  my husband’s milestone birthday bash on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at our home in beautiful Big Bear.  His name is Brian Hood and we have, accordingly, named his party “Hoodstock” (though the guest list is around 30 people, we’re into that whole “quality” over “quantity” thing).  I ask because he is a BIG fan of each of you, and has introduced much of your music into his classroom (where he teaches high school English).  You are not required/expected to play music, just hang out and bullshit, sign a few beer bottles perhaps.  Most of our guests will be other nerdy teachers and the like, so no threatening groupies will not be here.

I would love it if his birthday was made special by a surprise guest appearance by each of you.  We actually sent invites to each of you to our wedding in 2008, but we were given rejections.  We appreciated that you at least RSVP’ed.  However, and unlike the wedding, this has nothing to do with me (well maybe a little bit since I do enjoy each of your music as well) and he would be so surprised and THRILLED if you showed up and hung out. (Ignore the dangling prepositions.) 

A little bit about Brian:  He works so hard to provide a comfortable home filled with love every day.  We are going on our 3rd year of marriage and I have never met anyone so funny, mellow, and intelligent, not to mention he SPEAKS MY LANGUAGE.  Which is an amazing feat for *any* man to do.  Plus, he’s pretty fucking hot, too. (Which probably has no bearing on your RSVP.)

Please let me know if you are able to make it. And if you can, let me know if you are allergic to dogs.  We have two incredibly goofy dogs (Kona & Juno) that would like to make your acquaintance, but can hang out elsewhere if it’s a problem (I hope it’s not since they want to party too).

Love and Light,

P.S. A favorite photo of us on our wedding day:

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