17 December 2011

December means BREAK! So BRAKE!

Wow, I've been off the blog world for some time!  My first quarter back to university after a long summer break was exhausting!

Though I missed being on here, I spent a lot of my time away writing new pieces for two different manuscripts I'm working on, as well as just the regular student/work routine.

There were plenty of other distractions along the way:

1. A Lykke Li Concert at Fox Theater! AMAZING!

2. The man-candy grew out his facial hair to celebrate Movember.
November was also NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
so to bastardize both month-long celebrations I shaved regularly
AND wrote a poem a day with several of my poetic colleagues.
Nothing bonds people together more than the accountability to creation
and the softness of smooth legs.

3. A new addition to the family! Mordecai!


4.  Don't be fooled by his sweet face--he is a destruction machine.                                           Exhibit A:


                                                  5. SNOW!

 6. A BEAR visiting our house! (My footprint is on the left!)

7. A 4.0 gpa to jumpstart my holiday vacation!

Time to rest and celebrate with a Sam Adams Winter Lager?


  1. Smarty pants!! Congrats on the 4.0 :)
    <3 Kat

  2. congrats on the 4.0! Yecenia

  3. Late on the reply, apologies, busy with CompTIA studies.

    I'll comment on things I know of. 1) If you remember when I used Facebook, you know how I feel, so I'll clam up. (Do you like Dredg at least? My inner liberal could be friends with you on that much at least... "Yoga rock" as it were.) 3) Mordecai kind of looks like he's interrogating you in that pose. 5) Did the man pony up a snow blower or not? Details!