06 January 2013

::We've Got a Live Mic!::

It is almost exactly A YEAR since my last blog post.

Terrible, terrible! I know!  If there were a Horrible Blogger award I would win it. Shamedly. After being publicly flogged.

After my last post in Jan 2012, I was hit with a barrage of health issues, finalizing a thesis & graduating with my MFA without punching kittens, making big exciting moves toward my career, opening my online shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SkywardEarth  (don't worry, I'll always be a poet!), & stepping slowly out of the broom closet. I'm still working on that balance thing, which is why I have an unfinished manuscript, 2 un-edited manuscripts (one being a collaboration with a fabulous poet who is on top of his game & thus edited his portion & is waiting on me-the-slacker), & several projects & major to-dos to accomplish (& etc & whining & blah blah).

BUT,  I'm (slowly) checking them off, one by one & now I am back here with my mic in hand.  My health is being restored, & as it took so much time/energy away last year from the things I love so much, I have made HEALTH & WELL-BEING my topmost priority in 2013 (no longer just a quiet background to my life).  It's amazing what drinking more water & deep breathing accomplishes.

What are your goals for 2013?  How will you accomplish them? 

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